The Role of Communication Service Providers in Metaverse


Thursday, 01 January 1970 03:30

The Role of Communication Service Providers in Metaverse

Gartner refers to Metaverse as "the next version of the Internet." In these 3D virtual spaces, people can work, play, socialize, go shopping, attend training classes, and many other things! Bloomberg Intelligence predicts that the market value of 3D social virtual worlds could reach $800 billion by 2024.

The Role of Communication Service Providers in Metaverse

What Does Metaverse Mean for CSPs?

Optical fiber networks and 5G SA ensure high speed and stability of communication and enable Metaverse platforms to provide an immersive and smooth user experience for consumer services (virtual reality games, social events, etc.) and provide enterprise services (virtual events for employees, training workshops, webinars, etc.).

Due to its diverse capabilities, the 5G SA network can provide different latencies and speeds for specific applications of the Metaverse platform. These can even have different prices.

However, some CSPs want to be more than just a typical communications service provider. For example, Deutsche Telekom and SK Telecom collaborated to bring South Korea's Ifland platform to Europe and customize it for European users. Their platform allows users to create avatars and hold virtual meetings in a new world.

This suggests that in the future, many more such companies will not only offer their Metaverse platforms but will also continue to operate as CSPs in the IT space.

CSPs want to communicate with other commercial and specialized companies beyond their field of activity. This makes them offer solutions in virtual space for companies (with the ability to hold virtual meetings where the participants are placed in 3D space).

Organizations will have different solutions to play an influential role in filling the gap between employees and the organization (due to the spread of the Corona pandemic and the remoteness of many people).

Role of Communication Service Providers in Metaverse

The Activity of CSPs in Metaverse

The potential for progress and success in new business models, selling goods, and providing services in this area is very high. For example, Metaverse can be used as a marketing channel to deliver telecommunication services to good potential customers. Metaverse can also provide a channel for customer service agents and next-generation AI-based services. This issue causes the demand for activities in this channel to face significant growth in the future.

There will be no clear framework for CSPs to operate in the Metaverse. Some may build their Metaverse platform with significant capital and take risks, and others may choose a partnership to continue working as a communication solutions provider.

Metaverse can be a good opportunity for CSPs to improve trading platforms. These business platforms can combine offer catalogs, invoicing, charging, relationship management with business partners, sales, and marketing.

When users purchase something on Metaverse, communication service providers can take a percentage of the financial transaction. This may include personalized advertisements on the Metaverse enabled by cryptocurrencies and NFTs to sell goods and services.

Service Providers in Metaverse


Just like 5G, Metaverse also provides diverse and new opportunities and options that are compatible with the needs of users and companies and can improve the business platforms of CSPs.

Many questions and ambiguities regarding Metaverse (including regulations and laws) have not yet been appropriately answered. On the other hand, the cooperation between Deutsche Telekom and SK Telecom shows that soon it will be possible for CSPs to start their activities in Metaverse seriously.



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