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ParsPooyesh Policy

ParsPooyesh Fanavar Company has been actively present in the field of telecommunication and organizational networks by effectively using the resources and infrastructures to provide software solutions and is proud to be the first provider of open source software (IBS open source accounting system) For LAN and accounting networks, Dial-Up and VoIP network operators in 2003 are known in Iran. Launching national projects in the operator class and Iran's information technology infrastructure, helping to develop this infrastructure without the need for foreign companies and equipping it with the latest standards in the field of telecom, such as full compliance with 3GPP standard and providing products and solutions with global standards for all types of fixed networks. All of these cases show the continuous efforts of ParsPooyesh Fanavar Company

To achieve the goals, ParsPooyesh Fanavar Company has implemented the technology of quality management system and complaint handling system following ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 10002: 2014 standards at all levels and constantly committed to continuous improvement and system effectiveness. ParsPooyesh Fanavar Company has set quality goals at the beginning of each year in line with this policy and by reviewing, monitoring, measuring, and analyzing the level of realization of quality goals.

ParsPooyesh Policy

Pars Pooyesh Policy

ParsPooyesh Fanavar Company as one of the reputable knowledge-based centers to ensure the improvement of the business environment, proper strategic orientation with the company's organizational context, promoting risk-based thinking and process approach and achieving the expected results of quality management system while observing the legal and regulatory requirements, it selects the ISO 9001: 2015 standard as a model for the quality management system and the ISO 10002: 2014 standard for the complaint handling system and announces the outline of its policy as follows:

Increasing customer satisfaction and creating gratification through understanding and responding beyond needs and wants, ensuring the creation of perceptual quality and timely, efficient and effective handling of complaints and continuous improvement of the quality level of products and services available to customers - Modern science and technological advances to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the training company and improve the competencies to increase the ability and technical knowledge of human capital - development and creation of homogeneous branches with my company's business while fully supporting the provisions of this policy and providing the necessary resources to achieve its goals and continuous improvement of management systems, I expect all my colleagues to make the necessary efforts to understand and use it. While being reviewed at intervals commensurate with the results of process performance and opportunities and risks, this policy is a framework for determining qualitative goals.
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