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IBSng II Lan Accounting

IBSng Lan Accounting is a system for policymaking, management, monitoring, and control of network resource consumption (Internet and local and enterprise servers) in organizations, offices, and companies. This system helps the managers of the communication and information technology department of the organization to optimize the use of network resources in addition to monitoring the network users. The use of Lan Accounting system helps to increase the efficiency of the people in the organization, and by controlling the accesses, it also increases the security of the system, which will lead to a reduction in costs by optimizing the network.

IBSng is a powerful system that, relying on 20 years of presence in more than 3000 networks across the country in different dimensions and different needs, can provide all your needs to control and maintain the maximum quality of the network.

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IBSng is a reliable system that can provide all your requirements for controlling and maintaining the maximum quality of the network in different dimensions and sizes or different needs.

This system provides you with unique features such as Users Authentication, restriction of user consumption, reports and graphs of users and user connection history, web management panel, and web user panel.

The system also supports Password and Username authentication methods, OTP, SSO, Certificate, and MAC Address. Even Captive Portal, VPN, Proxy (HTTP or Socks), 802.11x, IPoE can be connected to this system.

Other features of this system include: specifying the expiration date of users, applying periodic volume and time restrictions, multi-layer security system, supporting 100,000 users simultaneously on each node, HA system, Redundancy, Radius and Diameter protocol support, blacklisting of MAC, IP Address, IP Pool support, Static IP, user bandwidth, network traffic reporting, Microsoft Active Directory and Open LDAP connectivity, full support for Cisco equipment, MikroTik, Huawei, and Juniper and also determine the bandwidth of the user.

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