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PCC call center phone systems software is one of the most outstanding software of Parspooyesh for call center system.Various companies, organizations, and institutions set up call centers to communicate effectively and efficiently with their audiences. With the advent of new technologies such as the web, e-mail, VoIP, and SMS, interaction with audiences takes place through a variety of communication channels. These developments have created multimedia PCC call center phone systems and provided customers with various channels for communication with companies, organizations, and institutions. These effective relationships have a significant effect on increasing customer satisfaction and increasing the productivity of the organization.

ParsPooyesh Fanavar Company, with the support of its expert and professional team and also considering its many years of experience in the field of software, network, and VoIP production, has designed and produced the integrated call center system. This system is currently being serviced in several centers in the country due to its high efficiency and optimal performance. This system has been produced by analyzing the needs of various organizations and software engineering design so that in addition to flexibility and development capability, it can also have acceptable stability.

PCC call center phone systems  software
In the Administration section, pcc call center phone systems has features such as Wallboard (a video tool which is used to display information about the performance of the call center at different times), a management panel to control the performance of subscribers, a virtual call center and machine. Reporting, tracking and monitoring of calls, the possibility of recording and reviewing call in the CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) user section or the interaction and integration of computers and telephones with each other, webphone, mobile applications, soft and hard phone as well as monitoring It benefits performance over specific changes. All of these features are provided to organizations and institutions, and they come in the form of flexible subsystems including IVR, call queue management, Callout Generator, Media Server, fax, and text-to-speech (Text to Speech).

Call center phone systems



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