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Mita ParsPooyesh

Providing convenient and fast internet access while respecting responsible behavior by users is the need for any organization and institution that has clients outside its organization. Having a secure structure in any organization is necessary and essential. In this regard, ParsPooyesh Fanavar Company designed, presented, and implemented the Mita solution to meet the organization's vital needs. Mita, as an integrated, simple, beautiful, and at the same time, highly personalized solution, allows all users to connect freely to the organization's network. With the ability to register users online and flexible architecture, this system can provide everyone with a different experience of a secure connection to the organization's network while registering network users' information and providing network security.

Mita is a suitable solution by ParsPooyesh Company for hotels, hospitals, universities, restaurants, conferences, exhibitions, operators providing internet services in public environments, or any organization and institution that wants to access the Internet or provide various advertising, organizational, entertainment and ... services to users who experience their first connection to the network.

Mita, a product of ParsPooyesh

Pars Pooyesh Fanavar Company presented Mita's solution to meet the most critical needs of any organization that is vital and important. All users have a free connection and easy access to the network or the Internet. Mita's elegant and straightforward solution can also be useful for any organization or institution. Mita's various features include Internet quality management, reporting, online payment, complete and easy personalization of the UI (User Interface).

Mita ParsPooyesh

Mita gives you features such as Authentication, Integrated Connection, Routing, Suspicious User Management, User Group Management, Maintaining User Behavior Records, Internet Quality Management, Unconfirmed Identity List, Temporary Connection, Collecting Internet Services, Reporting, Automatic SMS Sending, Branch Management Ability, Online Payment, Purchasing Volume and Time to Use the Internet, Easy and Complete Personalization of the User Environment with registration at the time.



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