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Rebin ParsPooyesh Product

Rebin is one of the Parspooyesh products Rebin (a Kurdish name meaning someone or something that sees the way or the path) is a product of ParsPooyesh Fanavar Company, which was designed and produced to meet the needs announced by the Communication Regulatory Authority in the form of 960310/2. This product can receive the traffic information of the subscribers and adapt it to the information obtained from the AAA system or to charge the log of all the subscriber sessions immediately (Real-Time) and set it in the desired format of the Communication Regulatory Authority.

This product requires two data sources to generate the desired log: NetFlow output from BNG / BRASs on the network or any device that can generate NetFlow output from transit traffic or copy traffic from subscribers (Tapped Traffic) to copy RADIUS or Diameter data. From user connections (for AAA systems other than Pars Pooyesh's AAA system) or direct access to Pars Pooyesh's AAA system.

To use this product, all you need to do is provide a server with sufficient storage capacity and proportional to the amount of the bandwidth supplied and provide Rebin with the two sources of information mentioned. The entire login process is then performed on the Rebin server without the need for any external servers (such as the Rsyslog server), and the result is automatically generated according to the desired format of the Radio Regulatory Authority.

Rebin ParsPooyesh Product
Rebin ParsPooyesh Product

Rebin uses the following features as a safe, fast, and easy-to-use solution:

No need for peripheral servers such as rsyslog, which complicates implementation and involves network administrators in the process of logging in, provides compressed logging every 5 minutes, the ability to select compression format, no need to receive a copy of subscriber traffic to log, integrity Complete with IBSng accounting system to receive additional information such as masterpiece ID, shared address, etc., usability for all accounting systems, support for NetFlow v5, v7, v9, Packeteer-2, LV9 IPv4 standards, ability to select compression format, support From compression formats (Zip, Tar, Tar.gz, gz, rar, 7z), the ability to monitor all parts of the system using the SNMP protocol, web-based admin panel, providing log archive via HTTP and FTP, the ability to set the log of the created log In other words, through FTP and SCP protocols, the ability to restrict access to IP-based logs, the ability to run on virtual or physical servers without any dependence on specific hardware, the ability to provide logs generated through rsyslog if needed, the ability to define ranges. When creating a log (organization), the Regulation of radio regulations and communications is announced every 5 minutes. (This time can be set in the Rebin admin panel with a minimum of 1 minute and a maximum of 20 minutes).



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