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ParsPooyesh Chakad System

Chakad is one of the Parspooyesh products , Due to the conditions of the country's telecom industry, ParsPooyesh Company has decided to make significant changes in its products for Iranian telecom companies since 2015. Considering the conditions that were predictable before, ParsPooyesh Fanavar Company decided to design its solutions and products in such a way that it is possible to integrate fixed and mobile networks, provide VAS services and use IMS architecture that are suitable for telecom companies.

According to the conditions of the country's IT and telecom industry, ParsPooyesh Company has needed designing and producing components of products and solutions with architecture by 3GPP standards since this year. Therefore, support for standard reference points such as Diameter protocol and high scalability was implemented as the key feature of this design in all products and solutions of ParsPooyesh Company for Telecom. Accounting software for traditional ADSL networks provides a complete way to turn a company into a company that can offer products and integrated solutions for the Core Network in accordance with 3GPP. Chakad ParsPooyesh is a set of necessary systems for operators (companies providing Internet and communication services) that are available to provide convergent services on IP platforms and without dependence on technology. The components of this comprehensive system include:

IBSng Online Charging - IBSng Offline Charging - IBSng Charging Engine - IBSng AAA - IBSng PCRF - Chakavak NGN Switch - Third-Party PCEF and DPI

Chakad Parspooyesh products

Chakad system, a product of ParsPooyesh

IBSng Online Charging (OCS) is one of the components of the new generation of IBSng software that has been developed according to modern 3GPP standards. The IBSng Offline Charging (OFCS) system is used to communicate with network components that cannot be charged on the line. Also, using the Mediation module, different input formats can be converted and processed as a standard system. IBSng Charging Engine is a charge and rating backend system that both OCS and OFCS systems use for processing and computing. The AAA IBSng software system communicates with BNG, Bras, or Gateway utilizing the RADIUS protocol. AAA replicates RADIUS packets and processes the application using its modular structure.

IBSng PCRF is a policy that should be applied to subscribers. These policies can change dynamically, depending on network and server conditions and the typical situation, to have more control over the network. Third-Party PCEF and DPI is one of the most widely used modules for the Chakad solution, which can use Deep Packet Inspection to classify network packets and apply the necessary policies in addition to reporting consumption via Diameter Gy or RADIUS. Chakavak NGN Switch is a set of modules for providing Carrier Grade Voice service on an IP network.




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