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ParsPooyesh Fanavar from the past until now

ParsPooyesh Fanavar started its activity in 2003 as a providing software solution. This company has been actively present in two organizational networks and telecom areas since 2017. The company offers the first open-source software system (IBS open source accounting system for LAN networks and accounting for Dial-Up and VoIP network operators in 2003) in Iran.

ParsPooyesh started its activities from Shiraz and moved to Tehran in 2007 while developing its business in the telecom field. As a severe competitor for companies such as Huawei, ZTE, and Ericsson, it offers software solutions for fixed and mobile networks in Iran. ParsPooyesh Company, as an Iranian company, has been able to improve its technical knowledge following modern world standards and, in addition to meeting domestic needs, significantly helps prevent currency outflow, protect valuable and sensitive data of Iranian operators and create jobs for talented and interested youth of Iran.

ParsPooyesh is launching national projects in the operator class and under Iran's information technology infrastructure and tries to develop this infrastructure without the need for foreign companies and equipping it with the latest standards in the field of telecom such as full compliance with 3GPP standard and providing products and solutions with global standards for all types of fixed networks. These achievements reflect the day-to-day efforts of ParsPooyesh Fanavar.

Research, Design, Implementation, and Support of Telecommunication Software, Billing and Charging Systems, Captive Portal, Big Data, Process Automation, BI, Metaverse, Image Processing, and Custom Software Development are the main activities of our company.

ParsPooyesh Fanavar from the beginning

ParsPooyesh Fanavar mission

Increasing the level of customer satisfaction, continuous improvement of the quality level of products and services, developing and creating homogeneous branches with the company's business to maintain and promote its brand in the country's IT industry.

About ParsPooyesh Fanavar

In 2003, with the entry of ParsPooyesh Company into the country's IT industry and the presentation of the first version of IBSng accounting software in open source, the company was able to help develop companies providing Internet services in Iran to occupy a significant part of the market. In 2007, the company introduced the second generation of the IBSng accounting system with the world's latest facilities and technologies, and in 2015, offered the first Iranian OCS system based on the 3GPP standard. With the Diameter Gy interface's support, it provided the third generation of its products in two families, Chakad and Chakavak, to Internet service providers.
Simultaneously with this development, the IBSng version of LAN Accounting and more than 3400 organizational networks such as educational organizations, governmental, health, and private companies have evolved and adapted to the current needs. Besides, It achieved a large part of the market share.
ParsPooyesh Company is proud to have been able to go all this way, relying on young Iranian engineers' knowledge and efforts and warm-hearted to support its customers. It is determined to continue to be proud of being a technologist in the future, as in the past and to help, Although small for the country's IT industry.



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