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Arvin (Persian name meaning exam, experiment, and experience) is a collection of tools and solutions following the latest technology and methodology in the world. To evaluate, improve, and compare the software and hardware solutions for fixed and mobile network operators with the focus on studying quantitative and qualitative indicators (benchmarking), Arvin has been designed by ParsPooyesh Company.

There are many reasons to use Arvin, which we will explain below. When you are looking for the best, sometimes you need to recognize the changes and developments in your environment to use tools and facilities to align your goals with business changes, and customer needs to achieve your desired productivity. Once upon a time, you wanted to buy a new software or hardware system, it's vital to make sure that the purchase meets the capacity and needs of your business and meets your needs and wants. Once upon a time, you had several solutions for a need, you need to carefully consider your choices, based on the results you are confident in, not based on the data that the sellers have given you. In all these cases, Arvin can meet your needs and can be the right solution for the challenges of the environment.

Arvin, a product of ParsPooyesh

This solution is a set of tools and solutions that follow the latest technology and methodology in the world to evaluate, improve, and compare software and hardware solutions of fixed and mobile network operators, focusing on assessing and studying quantitative and qualitative indicators (benchmarking) by ParsPooyesh Fanavar Company is presented. Arvin's most essential features are the ability to compare tests and implemented scenarios with each other, the ability to compare the features and capacities of systems and hardware and software equipment with each other, and the ability to provide various reports of different test results cited.

Arvin ParsPooyesh

Arvin is an efficient and useful solution that provides you with the following features based on the latest and best technology and methodology:

Simulation of software system requests with the ability of various scenarios to check the performance of API ports - simulation of network traffic with the ability of multiple scenarios to monitor the performance of equipment, analysis of quantitative and qualitative indicators of the network and full support of Radius and Interface protocol Diameter Gy, Gx, Ro, Rf protocols for simulating and analyzing network components in different scenarios, full support for XMLRPC, JSONRPC, SOAP and REST to simulate the connection of software systems and review and performance analysis, ability to implement and simulate scenarios up to 100 million subscribers and Session Ability to control speed and number and how to send requests in situations Analyze or review support for analysis and hardware capacities such as RAM, CPU, Storage Support for load tolerance review scenarios (Stress Test), presenting various reports of test results, comparable tests and scenarios implemented with each other, comparing the features and capacities of hardware and software systems and equipment with each other.



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