Social networks; the achievement of modern life


Thursday, 01 January 1970 03:30

Social networks; the achievement of modern life

As a product of modern life, social media has influenced all aspects of human life, from shoe shopping to complex social phenomena such as citizen journalism. Due to public access to the Internet, social networks, and smartphones, social institutions such as political parties and currents, grassroots organizations are also able to operate much more powerfully and effectively than in the past. Fundraising for the Labour Children supporters Association, the Mahak Foundation, and thousands of other social activities are examples of social media presence in our lives.

Social networks have shifted to politics, the workplace, living at home, and elsewhere, evolving at lightning speed, and it is difficult to predict which path will take shape in the future. The challenge is not just to have the best features, but to stay connected, and since social media has become a part of our lives, it's no longer a practical tool. Today, human social activities, willingly or unwillingly, are influenced by virtual social communication. Communications that become more objective over time and perhaps soon the virtual interpretation of these activities will be great oppression of the impact they have on our lives.

How have social networks affected our lives?

Nowadays, Virtual networks have been able to empower social institutions and currents and reduce the cost of information and organization to the point of a single click or gesture. Any social institution or movement can have its media, thanks to social media. Social media has been able to break the monopoly of the media, which in the past was only available to powerful governments and social currents and to provide everyone with an unrestricted flow of information and control. Since the media and social networks have become so fundamental that billions of people learn about each other and communicate with each other, this can be risky in some ways and aspects.



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