A Big Step for The 5G Technology


New telecommunication and enterprise services, along with the digitalization of industries, have created various business opportunities for organizations. For this reason, the fifth generation of mobile networks (5G) is more than just a network. We can call it a platform for innovation that will also have a positive impact on communities.

The 5G network can create facilities and capabilities that have a significant impact on the types of businesses and the variety of services provided by operators. That is why it is necessary to launch a modern and agile Business Operating System Software (BOSS) to respond quickly to the market.

A Big Step for The 5G Technology

Parspooyesh Fanavar has designed and created a new system called NGBS. NGBS is a comprehensive and concurrent business management system in FMC that can meet the needs of the country in the telecom industry. The NGBS system supports 3GPP, ETSI, ONAP standards at the network layer and complies with the ForumTM framework. Using the Cloud-Native architecture, NGBS can be used as a powerful and flexible system in various fixed and mobile networks, especially 5G. The capabilities of the NGBS system include non-dependence on specific hardware, support for Huawei and Ericsson Core Elements in fixed networks, etc.

Iranian companies in the field of 5G should be supported and invested in because 5G technology creates sweeping changes and developments and can bring many benefits at different levels.

Reference: ictpress



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