Launching Rayan Business Intelligence Service


Today, in the age of communication and due to the increasing growth of information and data resources, attention to the optimal use and the need to synchronize with existing changes has received more attention.

The development of technology in the present century has eliminated the old and inefficient decision-making methods and the use of data-based decision-making methods. In this regard, companies have begun a broad effort to change the decision-making and information retention process based on up-to-date information systems.

ParsPooyesh Fanavar Company, relying on its brilliant and many years of experience in the IT industry, especially the Telecom industry, has started to produce a business intelligence service called Rayan.

Rayan's business intelligence service includes Data Analyzer panel, intelligent Data Management, and Data Integration system. Below, we will introduce the solutions provided by ParsPooyesh Fanavar Company based on the Rayan system. Rayan decision-making system can do the following due to the use of world-class knowledge and machine learning algorithms:

Sales analysis and evaluation system:

  • RFM analysis and identification of loyal customers
  • Categorize customers to retain customers
  • Establish recommender systems
  • Analyze customer feelings and emotions
  • Profit and loss assessment
  • Optimistic, moderate and pessimistic sales forecasts
  • Monitor products and services and identify inefficient products
  • Market analysis and evaluation of sales elasticity of products and services in the market
  • Perform Churn analysis
  • Analyze customers' shopping carts over time

Advertising campaigns and marketing management system:

  • Determine the effectiveness of campaigns
  • Identify potential customers
  • Convert potential customers into actual ones
  • Create sales and marketing goals

Network Intelligence system:

Launching Rayan Business Intelligence Service

Big Data Solutions:

  • Install, set up and configure Big Data infrastructure
  • Design and management of various databases
  • Data flow processing
  • Perform calculations and machine learning
  • Using a variety of data interfaces
  • Data transmission
  • Search design and management



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