The first specialized exhibition of energy and technical and engineering services of Iran in Afghanistan 2020


Parspooyesh Fanavar, as an Iranian company with many years of experience in the information technology industry, especially in telecom, will be participating at the first specialized exhibition of energy (water, electricity, and telecommunications), technical, and engineering services of Iran in Afghanistan from September 22nd - 24th. In this exhibition, Parspooyesh presents its achievements, which are:

  • 3rd, 4th and 5th generation of Integrated charging and billing system of fixed and mobile networks 
  • Data Analysis solutions, Business Intelligence, and Decision Support Systems in the field of telecom and enterprise
  • Captive Portal
  • Authentication, Control, and Consumption Policy in enterprise networks (LAN Accounting)
  • Artificial Intelligence platform with image processing, machine learning capabilities, and emotion perception
Parspooyesh Fanavar Exhibition of Energy, Telecommunications And Engineering Services Of Iran In Afghanistan 2020

Iranian companies produce and supply essential goods in the country that can compete in international markets in addition to domestic markets, and because Afghanistan also provides about half of its goods mainly from Iran. This exhibition can be a good opportunity for Iranian companies to present their products and services. Also, Iranian companies and Afghan companies will sign important investment agreements in the upcoming weeks.



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