Launching the artificial intelligence research department


ParsPooyesh Fanavar Company, in order to promote indigenous knowledge and using the latest technologies in the world, has set up an artificial intelligence research department, which we are proud to explain in detail. Commercialization of projects based on artificial intelligence is one of the biggest weaknesses in this field in the country's universities, which ParsPooyesh has tried to improve by bringing knowledge and business together.

The application of artificial intelligence goes beyond improving the speed and quality of processes. This technology offers new solutions to various problems and can actually increase the machine's awareness of the environment to the point where it can be close to human performance. ParsPooyesh Fanavar Company has started various research projects in this field, some of which are:

1. Recognize a person's face and feelings through facial analysis

2. Tracking the movement of objects or people in different places

3. Statistical prediction by machine learning of data and environmental conditions

4. Processing of satellite images to extract geographical and agricultural data

5. Evaluate the satisfaction and quality of the call by analyzing the voice of customers and call center operators

Launching the artificial intelligence research department

Emotion detection: This system can identify people in real time from videos or photos of faces, and report their feelings from the face, and in addition, has the ability to calculate the feeling from the sound. This system is used in call centers to evaluate the quality of the call and the performance of the operator, and through it, the presence of stress or satisfaction in the call can be detected.



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