Archive and photos of Parspooyesh Company



The 20th Anniversary of Parspooyesh Fanavar

We celebrated the twentieth anniversary of our company on Wednesday, May 18th. It was such a wonderful and enjoyable day, and we are proud of this family!

The End of The Year Celebration

In the last days of the year, we decided to spend some time together after a hard work year and start the new year with high efforts and new goals!

Yalda Night 2022

We celebrated Yalda night together and had great and happy times together. It was such a wonderful and memorable celebration!

Annual Meeting 2021

The annual meeting of Parspooyesh was held in June 2021. We are thankful for having great men and women who help us achieve what we want!

Afghanistan Energy Exhibition September 2020

Parspooyesh, an Iranian company with many years of experience in the information technology industry, participated in this exhibition.

The 20th Elecomp & Telecom Exhibition

The 20th Telecom Exhibition (October 2019) was held at the Tehran International Exhibition Center. We are glad we were a part of it!



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